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Scent in a Stik?

We are Scent Republik, a fun company set up by two dads that had the radical idea of replacing the ink found in marker pens with SCENT! 

That's right no ink, just carefully developed scents. We can hear your shock from here! So let us clarify for you…

Yes it’s real and yes it’s safe. Seriously safe – we are dads and we would only create something that meets our own high quality standards. Yes it’s all made in the UK and of course, it’s cruelty-free. And yesssssss, I guess we are a little bit mad, but most of the best people are.


'This is a brilliant idea, my daughter has loved using them so much'

Nikki Thomas - Stressy Mummy Blog

'Love it! Such an amazing new product, smart, fun, playful!'

Kana M.

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